It’s no secret that hair removal is fast becoming at the top of the list of cosmetic procedures used today. It is estimated that close to a million and a half laser hair removal treatments are performed in the United States each year.  In past decades, this treatment was reserved for people with a lot of money to spare and only with a doctor’s prescription. But leaps in technology have made effective home laser hair removal machines available for anyone interested performing treatments at home. The demand for at home treatments has been answered by many manufacturers with home treatment products.

As expected, home laser hair removal equipment comes in a wide variety of prices, features and success rates. These machines start at about $800 in most areas, and can cost over a few thousand dollars at the top end. However, as with any home treatment, home hair removal laser devices are most effective when chosen carefully and used properly. The best case scenario for consumers who purchase these devices is to have results comparable to professional treatments, in addition to the convenience of performing hair removal at home.

In order to increase the chances of successful home treatment, every consumer should perform due diligence prior to purchasing a  laser hair removal machine sold by any manufacturer. It is easy to eliminate certain brands by simply checking to see whether they are cleared by the Food and Drug Administration. This entity only approves devices that are deemed safe and effective for use by the average consumer. It is easy to verify a product’s approval by entering the name and brand on the FDA website or calling the Administration. Consumers are advised to stay clear of home devices that do not have this clearance.

Other ways to consider whether to buy a home laser treatment kit is to read reviews from other customers who have used the product. Hundreds of product reviews are available on the Internet from actual customers and various companies. Even medical professionals weigh in about the safety and effectiveness of various home laser removal methods in an effort to protect the safety of patients and consumers who use these products. Other avenues include references from co-workers, friends or family members who have used certain products. These are people who will be glad to share their experience with a given product and give an honest opinion whether you should purchase the laser kit or not.


Laser hair removal machines have been on the market long enough to earn their reputations in the cosmetic community; whether positive or negative. While all of the above information can be helpful in making a decision, there are some machines that have already proven themselves to be among the best on the market. Each of these devices is FDA approved for permanent hair reduction in the home setting.

Silk n sensepil is a home hair removal product that uses Home Pulsed Light (HPL) to remove hair. The product has a proven record of success in safely and easily removing hair at a price that is affordable for most home users. The device has undergone extensive testing by highly regarded dermatologists and plastic surgeons, resulting in recommendations by top physicians as a product that delivers excellent results. The product is equipped with state of the art safety features such as safe skin tone detectors, which indicate whether the user’s skin is too dark for safe use of the product. Silk n Sensepil uses pulse instead of pressure against the skin, making the treatment quicker without putting excessive pressure on the skin, minimizing discomfort. This innovative technology has been awarded by several distinct entities in the health and beauty industry including Elle, Allure and Teen Vogue. It has also been highly honored by receiving various awards from media shows such as Good Morning America and The Today Show.

No No hair removal is a home treatment that provides users an alternative to shaving and waxing. It utilizes an innovative technology with thermodynamic wire that acts as a transmitter of heat that removes hair. The company reports that it is this technology that makes the product one of the safest home hair removal systems available. The system is advertised as being pain free, without causing burning, irritation or cuts to the skin. The reason for this is that the product glides slowly and smoothly across the skin to remove hair without tugging or scraping the skin. According the manufacturer, this system results in a reduction of re-growth of hair of up to 94 percent, which is comparable to professional treatment results. The convenience of home treatment, combined with the cost savings, also make the NoNo hair removal system popular among its many users. Users also enjoy the portability of this hand held system, which can be used in any location. 

Tria laser home hair removal device is reportedly the first home laser hair removal treatment approved by the FDA. The company guarantees their product’s effectiveness with the use laser technology included in their professional hair removal machines, which are marketed in countries all over the world. Tria is recommended by dermatologists as an effective solution for hair removal. The product has passed extensive clinical tests to prove its safety and quality as a home laser hair removal system. The laser used by this product is gentler than other laser machines yet highly capable of going beneath the surface of the skin to remove hair along the bikini line, under the arms and on the back, arms and legs. The  makers of this product report a 70 percent hair growth reduction after the second treatment and permanent hair reduction after six months of treatment with touch ups as needed. Among other features include a variety of settings with different intensity levels so that users can determine which level of treatment is most comfortable. Tria laser hair removal can be purchased starting at about $400.

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